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The Innocent Criminals

Juan Nelson - Bass

me_juan.JPG (15048 bytes)   Been with the band for about 6-7 years and, Juan is no sloach at bass either. Dont let his size fool you, this guy can play. The stand-out at Ben's Sydney Bondi gig was a 6 min Bass lead break on the back end of  'Fight for Your Mind'.  Well would you look at that, i got a photo with Juan 'The Fat Man' Nelson - Bloody Legend.





Dean Butterworth - Drums

    Didn't get to talk to this lad, but damn can he play.

Rock Deadrick - Percussion

   Been with the innocent criminals for about 7 months, but these guys are a close knit team. The cues, signals etc. these guys are so smooth, so well integrated - Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are the ultimate team.