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In order to listen to these tracks you will need RealAudio 3.0+

If you dont have this program you can download it for free at the RealAudio Homepage

These Are Full Tracks in RealAudio

Ground On Down (Mono 16kbps, 570k) - From 'Fight For Your Mind'

How Many Miles Must We March (Mono 28.8kbps, 362k) - From 'Welcome to The Cruel World'

Oppression (Mono 28.8kbps, 344k) - From 'Fight For Your Mind'

Burn One Down (Mono 28.8kbps, 400k) - From 'Fight For Your Mind'

These Are Extracts From Tracks in RealAudio

Forever (Mono 28.8kbps, 135k) - From 'Welcome to The Cruel World'

Gold To Me (Mono 28.8kbps, 176k) - From 'Fight For Your Mind'

Faded (Mono 28.8kbps, 170k) - From 'The Will To Live'

Homeless Child (Mono 28.8kbps, 165k) - From 'The Will To Live'

Jah Work (Mono 28.8kbps, 163k) - From 'The Will To Live'

Glory & Consequence (Mono 28.8kbps, 258k) - From 'The Will To Live'



These are complete Tracks in CD Quality sound - however you will need an MP3 Player in order to listen. To download an MP3 Player Checkout the MP3 Shopping Mall. (Hint: WinPlay3 is the best)

Welcome to The Cruel World (5.14Mb) - From 'Welcome to The Cruel World'

Faded (4.40Mb) - From 'The Will To Live'

Roses From My Friends (5.86Mb) - From 'The Will To Live'